Googe AdWords Audit

It’s time for a performance review of your Google AdWords Account, or what we call a Google AdWords audit. When completing an audit you must have an understanding of what your goals are within each Google Adwords campaign to determine the best strategic approach. Below are some common issues we noticed that needed additional attention when performing a Google AdWords audit. Keep in mind these are only a few topics to get you started.

Googe AdWords Audit

1. How Engaging Are Your Ads?

Your ads could be the first interaction the user has with your company so having an intriguing ad with a clear call to action is critical for users to engage with your ad. A-B testing for multiple ads is a best practice to understand which ad is performing best. Within your ad taking full advantage of the characters given and utilizing the ad extensions will help your ad have some “bulk” to it and give your ad credibility. Having an easily understandable ad that continues the conversation to the landing page is crucial.

2. How Good Is Your Landing Page?

Okay great, someone clicked on your ad and goes to the landing page. Does your landing page carry on the conversation from your ad or is it a general landing page? Having a landing page that is specific to your product or service offered is essential. There are many design components to take in consideration when developing a landing page such as call to actions, videos, promotion graphics, landing page speed, painless contact form or buying process, etc. It’s always a good option to have more than one landing page to see which design provides the best results. Some stats by Unbounce gives some great insight of how landing pages and A-B testing contributes to conversion rates.

3. Is Your Google AdWords Set Up To Optimized Results?

When setting up an account it is a best practice to be as targeted as possible to fit your ideal customer. There are hundreds of choices when setting up a campaign such as campaign type, keyword strategies, ad extensions, devices targeting, location targeting, times of the day to serve your ad, bid strategies, and many more options to help optimize your campaign. When setting up a Google AdWords account creating structure will help the campaign run smoothly, feel orderly, and give you the ability to better analyze the data for any necessary adjustments.

4. What Is Your Quality Score?

According to Google, using quality score to guide optimization is a Google best practice. Quality score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. A quality score will range from 1-10 and the higher your score the less you will pay for each click. The goal is to have a higher quality score so you are able to have more conversion opportunities with having more clicks while using a lower budget. Google tends to show ads that are performing more successful as opposed to ads that aren’t. This is Google’s way of rewarding optimized ads. Ads that aren’t successful, are paying more per click to encourage changes to be made.

5. Is Your Conversion Tracking Enabled?

Having conversion tracking implemented helps you have an understanding of which keywords, ads, devices and other approaches that are having the best results. Google explains the different types of conversions. With obtaining this understanding you can adjust your budget and focus within the areas that are “converting” and the areas that aren’t it’s time to make adjustments.

If you are not satisfied with your Google AdWords campaign it’s probably time for a Google AdWords audit. Google AdWords has the potential to be a great marketing platform for your business. Take the time to make sure your campaigns are optimized to give you the best opportunity for success.


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