Facebook Retargeting

If your business is not taking advantage of Facebook retargeting (remarketing), you may be missing out on a great opportunity for brand exposure and more conversions. Facebook retargeting is an effective digital marketing tool and should be considered for your business! Oh, and it should be mentioned that Facebook ads are very affordable so it should fit easily into your budget!

What is Facebook Retargeting?

Facebook retargeting is a digital marketing method used to re-engage people that have already shown interest in your business. I am sure you have noticed when you get on a website (looking for that designer shoe), you will see a Facebook ad(s) from that website (of that beloved shoe) on your Facebook feed. Yep, you’re right, that is Facebook Retargeting…and it is very effective!

Facebook Retargeting

The Facebook ad manager tool makes it very easy to set up retargeting on Facebook. You need to determine the audience you want to retarget. Facebook offers 4 different “lists” from which you can create your custom audience.

Facebook Retargeting Of Current Customer File

Using Facebook, you can retarget your current customer files, say your email list customers! This is a great way to take advantage of your valuable email list and reach these customers in a new way. This is simply done by uploading your email list directly to Facebook. From this point, you need to create your Facebook ad(s) that you want to put in front of your email list customers! That was easy, now on to….

Facebook Retargeting Of Website Visitors

What needs to be done first to retarget your website visitors is to insert a Facebook Pixel into your website code. This allows Facebook to create a list of people who visit your website.

How big should my target audience be?

Facebook says you should have several hundred people before you target your custom website audience with an advertisement. Your biggest website custom audience that Facebook allows is anyone that has visited your website in the last 180 days.

Facebook Retargeting Creativity

You can get much more specific in your custom website audience. You can target specific web page visitors. If your website visitor is viewing a particular service you provide, you can retarget the viewer with an ad about that particular service your business provides. If you have an e-commerce website, it is possible to reach those customers that have added items to their shopping cart! Many customers leave items in their cart and never return. Remarketing these people with an ad about the specific item(s) in the cart reminds them to make the purchase!

It is also possible to have a target website audience of website “buyers”. You can reward this audience by targeting them with ads that encourage them to buy again with special promotions!

Can a business put too many Facebook ads in front of the target audiences?

This is possible, so you want to make sure you are creating ads that are relevant and compelling to your audience. Facebook does have an EXCLUDE option to combat this problem of Advertisement Overload and what’s great is that works both for your email list audience and your website visitors’ audience. Just one example of how the EXCLUDE option can be used would be to take all website visitors, but EXCLUDE website visitors that made a purchase!

As you can see, there are so many creative ways to target your audience with Facebook ads! This is just a brief summary to inform you about Facebook retargeting and get you thinking about the many possibilities of how retargeting can help your business! Feel free to contact Pizzazz Group for an analysis on how Facebook retargeting would be of benefit to your business.

Contact Pizzazz Group today at customer@pizzazzgroup.com or by calling (614) 350-1681 to discuss our Facebook retargeting strategies!

Contact Pizzazz Group today at customer@pizzazzgroup.com or by calling (614) 350-1681 to discuss our Facebook retargeting strategies!